Ad-Hoc Services

Ad-Hoc Services

PropertyCaretaker provides an array of various ad-hoc services to cater to the various property related needs. We will charge you with a service fee at this moment. We will provide you with the additional disbursement information later. You will receive a separate invoice from us for additional disbursement amount.

One Time Services

ServicesService FeeAdditional Disbursement
Encumbrance Certificate $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Fencing $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Legal Opinion $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Mutation Of Property $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
On Demand Property Pictures $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
On Demand Videos $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Pahani / Adangal $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Payment of Property tax $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Property Assessment - Buyer's Perspective $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Property Assessment - Seller's perspective $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Weeding / Leveling $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Gardening $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Interior Decoration $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Kitchen Remodeling $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Landscaping $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Wooden Work $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Explaining lease terms & condition to Tenant $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Grill/Gate Work $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Inventory Check $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Major Maintenance - Repair $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Rent Collection & Deposit $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Tenant Search $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now
Utility Bill Payment $25.00Rs.1,600.00Pay Now
Construction of Guest House/Servant Quarters $25.00Rs.1,600.00As Per EstimatePay Now

Yearly Subscription Charges

DescriptionQtyPeriodAmount in IRSAmount in USD
Single Bed Room Per flatPer Anum2000$35.00Pay Now
Double Bed Room Per flatPer Anum2500$40.00Pay Now
Triple Bed Room Per flatPer Anum3000$50.00Pay Now
Individual House - One Floor Per floorPer Anum2000$35.00Pay Now
Individual House - Two Floor Per floorPer Anum2500$40.00Pay Now
Individual House - Three Floor Per floorPer Anum3000$50.00Pay Now
Shops Per sftPer Anum30$0.50Pay Now
Complex Per sftPer Anum25$0.50Pay Now
Vacant Plots Per sq.yardPer Anum25$0.50Pay Now
Agriculture Lands Per centPer Anum100$2.00Pay Now