Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral

Q : Why would I need a property management company for my property?

Ans :A Property management company takes care of all the effort, time and stress involved in managing one's property. It nulls out the drawback of distance for NRIs owning properties in India. With a property management company you manage your property virtually from the comfort of your house.

Q :Why would I pick you over my friends and relatives?

Ans : As we all feel the age old method of falling back on friends and relatives to do the job for you does not work as efficiently in modern times and often causes a rift between relations. Everyone wanted to have their property managed by the subject matter experts. Property Caretaker employs qualified personnel to do the homework for you, thus saving your family the trouble and stress of running from pillar to post.

Q : How do I register for the Property Caretaker Service?

Ans : To register with our company you need to create a login and password, and pay the relevant fees. Our user friendly website will prompt you for a login.

Q :My parents have the power of attorney? Do I have to get their signature?

Ans :We need the proof of property ownership to undertake the service. If your parents or other family members have the power to provide those information and authorization, we would obtain it from them.

Q : Can I make copies of the application forms for filling out and mailing it out?

Ans : We maintain a paperless application process. Hence it will be mostly via online. We require some supporting documents such as proof of ownership and authorization to perform services to your properties.

Q : What is the registration fee?

Ans :The fees are associated with service enrollment only.

Q :Will my personal information be available to the public?

Ans :No. Access to the records are routed only through the login. Hence your security is ensured.

Q :How long does the registration process take?

Ans :The registration process takes approximately 10 minutes.

Q :Can I create my own login, password?

Ans :Yes. Our home page prompts you to create your own login and password.

Q :How do you communicate your new service offerings to your customers?

Ans :Through our monthly newsletters which are mailed to all our customers.

Q :Do you provide any newsletters?

Ans :Yes. We issue monthly newsletters with information related to property management.

Q : What sort of properties do you manage?

Ans :We manage construction flats, plots and rental residential properties.

Q :How do you protect my personal information from everyone?

Ans :We do not ask for any sensitive information during this process. We request only the very necessary information. All your information is accessible only through the login, which is in turn password protected.