Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?


Because we understand that buying or selling a home, taking care of it is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. Naturally, you want the best possible outcome. You'll also want sound advice you can trust and discreet professional service you can count on.

We pride ourselves on being different in many positive ways that give our clients a significant edge in choosing us. We have an administrative team to provide full backup and support to our Service department. With the help of state of the art database systems and quality procedures, we ensure that all aspects of your Service and Maintenance are handled quickly and efficiently. You will always be kept informed, and there is never a chance of being “forgotten”, even after you move on!

We are committed to:

Providing our clients with professional, friendly, helpful and timely service

Respecting the rights of all clients

Meeting the requirements and complying to the Real Estate Industry practice

Responding to all enquiries efficiently while providing accurate knowledge and advice based on researched market information and our extensive knowledge of the industry and market

Maintaining an informative website that is easy to navigate while providing up to date and accurate information for all users

Always respecting the privacy and rights of all clients while complying with the standards documented in the Privacy Act when it comes to handling any personal details and information.

Why choose us for property caretaking services?

The experienced Property caretaker’s team provides outstanding service and can help you find and retain quality tenants.

We have a separate team to look after rent arrears, maintenance, Utility bills and taxes. This means that our Property Managers can focus solely on managing your valuable investment.

We also have a dedicated Consultant to ensure that the time between tenants is limited to the shortest period possible. Our Consultant’s vast experience, marketing program and tenant check procedures ensure your property is tenanted quickly and with the best possible applicants.

Why choose us for Buying or Selling your Property?

Our proactive sales techniques consistently achieve higher sales prices in the shortest possible time frame for our clients.

We work together as a team. In addition to our permanent sales agents, we also have an enthusiastic team of sales staff working in the background to get your home sold.

We have a dedicated Marketing Consultant, whose role is to ensure your property is exposed to the market in the most effective manner.

Our marketing program is clear and concise. You will be provided with a detailed marketing schedule prior to introducing your property to the market.

We keep you up to date. Our comprehensive reporting system keeps our sellers well abreast of the market and the progression of the sale of their property.

The best choice

Property Caretakers combines expertise, insight and in-depth local knowledge to provide the best outcome for our clients.